Teach Your Kids The Secrets Of Financial Success NOT Taught In Most Schools 
Wealth Smart Kids is an ALL INCLUSIVE and INTERACTIVE program that gives you the right tools to teach your kids 
the TRUE value of money while having FUN with savings and allowance. 
Plus, it's so easy even a four year old can do it. 

"Okay parents. It's time to get real. I have a VERY important question for you...

...what are your kids learning about money by watching YOU?" 

Hi! I'm Dan McCabe. 
Forgive me for being a bit blunt, but it IS an important question.

One that I hadn’t even considered myself for a long time. But after an experience a few years ago,
I realized my kids weren’t learning what I needed them and wanted them to learn when it came to money. 

And with next to no financial education growing up, and a few stupid (financial) mistakes under my belt, I was determined to not let my children experience the same fate. 
It all started when I was at a leadership training seminar, hosted by “Famous Dave” Anderson, the owner of the Famous Dave’s BBQ chain. He asked...
"...What is it you REALLY want to do with your life?"
At the time, part of my real estate business was teaching people about the power and the pain of compound interest. As part of the class, we taught ways people could start using compound interest to benefit them, instead of messing up their life. 

 It all depends on what side of the interest coin you’re on, right? And I’d seen way too many people’s lives ruined by being on the wrong side of compound interest.
Because while I loved what I did, I knew I could do more. 

I could do more to stop the epidemic. I could do to more help people understand how to get money to work FOR them, instead of people always having to work for money. That’s when I realized the sticking point. 
The change has to start with the kids.

And since public schools rarely teach any sort of financial principles
(I guess they just expect students to figure things out on their own…)

It would be up to me. 
So I got to work on a simple plan I could use with my own kids, to help them understand how money works. 
It took some tweaking at first, but it wasn’t long before we started learning about compound interest. And how they could use interest to their advantage.  

We talked about how to balance a checkbook.
Because even though most people don’t use checks anymore, it’s still helpful to understand the inflows and outflows of a bank account.

We talked about how to keep a budget and keeping track of their money…

So their money could work for them, instead of against them. 

Even though they were young (ages 4 and 7), I honestly shouldn’t have been surprised at how fast they’d pick up these simple principles that when I was a kid, I had to learn on my own.

The hard way. 
Don't let the goofy face fool you. This kid has some SERIOUS financial skills!
That's why I  created...
Wealth Smart  Kids
The easiest way to teach your kids the secrets of financial success…
...in less than 60 minutes a month.
Roughly 7 out of 10 American families provide some sort of allowance for their kids.
But while the amount is important, the conversation around allowances is what matters most.
What to spend the money on.
How much to save.
How to invest, and so on.
The Wealth Smart Kids Program shows your child how to save, and helps you have money-centered conversations in a way that’s age appropriate, and effective.
Anytime you’re trying to learn something new, it takes three things to succeed:
First, you need the right mindset.
Whether you’re learning how to play tennis or you’re teaching kids how to add and subtract, YOU need to believe they can learn, and THEY need to believe they can learn too.
Second, you need skills.
This is the actual “know how.” (Note: this is NOT talent.)
This is the actual skill of adding and subtracting.
The actual skill of tying your shoe.
The actual skill to play tennis.
And last, you need ACTION until you know it so well it becomes a part of you.
Imagine you’re a kid again whose learning how to tie her shoes.
Your mom shows you how to do it.
And so you try doing it yourself. 
But it’s just a straight mess.

But you’re determined to learn. So you keep watching and you keep practicing…
If you have kids, or if you have kids you care about, this program is for you!
But maybe it’s better if I take a moment to talk about who this program is NOT for. 
  • If you’d rather not talk about money with your children because it’s just too taboo, this isn’t the program for you. 
  • If you’d rather just let school teach your kids everything they need to know about finances, this is not for you. 
  • If you want to let your kids figure out the world of finance on their own, without any help, then this program is definitely not for you. 
I believe it’s important to have money-centered conversations with your children from early on.
Because money is not something to be feared. Dealing with it is a fact of life.

Which is why I believe it’s important to help them learn how to turn money into their slave instead of their master.
The program itself is SIMPLE but POWERFUL! We've divided the lessons into six sections: 

Interest-Based Allowance System ($47 Value)

Track your child's savings and interest over time. Not only will it show them what the effect of earning interest has on their savings, it will also show them the CONSEQUENCE (ie, how much they stand to lose) if they choose to withdraw money to make a purchase.  

Whether they spend or save is up to them. It's the LESSON and CONVERSATION that are important! 

Savings Success Tracker ($27 Value) 

Children as young as four can begin to use the success tracker to count their monthly savings.
 Older children can calculate how much interest they're owed. 
Don't worry parents! We've included a cheat sheet for you! 

Money Mindset Masterclass ($47 value) 

All success starts in the mind! 
Teach your kids to "think like a millionaire", shatter limiting beliefs, and how to cultivate an abundance mindset.

Family Memory Planner Checklist ($17 Value)

Here's your chance to get your kids involved with the planning of family memories! 

Our memory planner lets  you spend time as a family brainstorming what memories you'd like to create together. Create a list, then make a plan for their achievement, then add the date that you accomplished your goal! Teaches children about the power of goal setting, problem solving, and getting creative to get things down. 

Tactical Tax Planning for Families ($97 Value) 

Not necessarily for the kids, but we wanted to throw in something to help the parents too! We've partnered with Certified Financial Planner Preston Anderson to pull back the curtain on the strategies used by the ultra wealthy to save THOUSANDS per year. 
BONUS #1: Access our Residual Income Roadmap Program 
(for grown ups!)
Are YOU earning as much as you'd like? Are you saving enough for retirement? How about that family vacation you've always wanted to take? 

Whether you're looking to add a little extra cash to your pocket OR say goodbye to your 9-to-5 once and for all, our 14-Day Residual Income Roadmap program will help you create a CUSTOMIZED plan for building residual income (ie, money that keeps on accumulating, whether you work or not!) 

This all-inclusive program is delivered over two weeks and will show you WHAT residual income is, WHY it's so important, and show you the three step system to build it the SMART way (without breaking the bank or taking over all of your free time). 
$300 Value = Yours FREE!
BONUS #2: Coaching 
The first 20 people to enroll will receive two weeks of one-on-one coaching from one of our Bulldog Strategic Coaches!

You'll connect with your coach via phone at the beginning of the program to discuss your personal goals for the program

Next, they'll review your assignments each week via email to make sure you're on the right track.

Finally, your Coach will walk through your personal roadmap with you to ensure you TAKE ACTION NOW towards your dreams!
$300 value = Yours FREE! 

Bonus #3: Access the WealthSmart Warriors Community

When you enroll in the Wealth Smart Kids program you'll receive access to our private Facebook community for wealth smart parents. 

Connect with and encourage others who are on a similar journey working towards financial freedom and wealth smart kids. 

$160 Value = Yours FREE! 

And it's all yours right now  for $995  $27!
Kelly a.
"Going through Wealth Smart Kids for us was a GAME-CHANGER because as their parent I already tell them lots of things but when they’re going through a course that somebody else has created - there’s another child talking to them or showing how they’ve done it and what their perspective of money is, of saving and of investing, then my kids take it a lot more seriously."
tARA b.
"This program was a game-changer, not only did it give us tools to have conversations as a family but it provided tools for the kids to be able to track their individual financial status and what that could potentially look like. Do I spend my money or do I save it? Those questions are so important not just for kids but also for adults so we found a lot of value also in looking at this. I highly recommend this course. It’s awesome!"
"This program is fantastic - it is simple, straightforward, and easy to put into practice... and EXACTLY the type of thing I want to be teaching our kids. We have four kids, 9 and younger - and I'm starting to have conversations with my oldest about investment and even opportunity costs - things that a lot of people many times his age still aren't thinking about. Amazing! Great job Dan & team!"
Frequently Asked Questions 
What You Need To Know About the Wealth Smart Kids Program 
When should I start this program with my kids? 
Experts suggest that the best time to start talking about money with your children is as soon as they grasp the concept. For most children that’s around age 5, or around the same time as they start kindergarten. 
Do you need a certain amount of money to succeed? 
Definitely not! The whole program can be adjusted to fit you, your childs, and your family’s needs. 
What if I don’t have much time? 
The whole point of the program is to create an environment where 1) you can have conversations about money with your kids and 2) your kids can learn how money works first hand.
Depending on their age, it may only take 5-15 minutes a few times a month.
Basically everyone can find 15 minutes somewhere in their day, especially if it’s for your kid. 
How does the program work? 
It’s a really simple process that revolves around the allowance you’re probably already giving your child.
Step 1: They learn the “secrets of money”, so they understand the value of money, how it works, and the types of things it can do for them.
Step 2: They learn the “secrets of saving”, and the importance of spending less than they earn.
Step 3: They discover the power of the “8th wonder” (or compound interest), the most powerful force in the world. Here they see how to use the magic of the “8th wonder” to their advantage.
What are the benefits? 
There are a ton! But here’s some just to name a few:
 - Your child has a clear incentive to save money;
 - They get exposure to Compound Interest, which Albert Einstein called the “8th Wonder of the World”;
 - They solidify important math skills as they count their money and help calculate interest
 - The spreadsheets give the child a powerful visual so they can physically see the effects of their decisions. 
What if I’m not great with math? 
Don’t worry, the calculations are simple so you never have to worry about “being bad with math” or “not knowing all the answers.” Plus there are worksheets and forms you and your child can use that will help them practice (the hard way), and help you check their work (the easy way). 
Doing this program with my kids over the last few years has been one of the highlights of my life.
We’ve been able to have great conversations about money that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.
And I feel so much more confident in their financial future.

I can’t wait for you to experience the same for your children too.

To your success,
Dan McCabe

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